Semi-Retirement Calculator (Includes a Coast FI, Flamingo FI and Traditional FIRE Calculator)

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With our free Semi-Retirement Calculator, you can calculate your Coast FI number and age. It also calculates your Flamingo FI and Traditional FIRE numbers and the age at which you could reach these FIRE milestones. Calculating your Coast FI number can be a bit tricky. The Coast FI formula is not as simple as some of the other FIRE formulas. This calculator is an easy way to figure out how soon you could semi-retire.

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How to use the calculator

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  2. Enter your details in the blue fields in the “input fields” section. We’ve added some tips and hints in the description next to each field.
  3. Once you have entered all of your details you can scroll down to the results section. Here you can see your Coast FI, Flamingo FI and FIRE numbers and ages.

Coast FI, Flamingo FI and FIRE – what do the results mean?

You can think of your journey to FIRE like a highway. FIRE is the final destination of your journey. So your FIRE number is where you want to get – eventually. As with most destinations, there is more than one way to get there. You could take the highway and get there as soon as possible. Alternatively, you could take things slowly and possibly enjoy the journey a lot more. This is where (Early) Semi-Retirement comes in.

Our calculator gives you five options so you can start considering which way to FIRE might work best for you. In reality, there are many more options, but these five will give you a good idea of what is possible.

Coast FIRE

Coast FI is the point at which you have accumulated a sufficient amount of income-producing assets to get you to Financial Independence when you retire, even if you don’t make any further contributions to your investment portfolio. We believe that Coast FI is probably the most important milestone on the way to Financial Freedom. If you want to find out more, you can read through our list of Coast FI articles.

With Coast FI, you work hard, save and invest for a relatively short amount of time. Once you reach your Coasting FIRE number (also called Barista FI number), you can semi-retire.

Option 1: Coast FI (Traditional Retirement Age)

If you are happy to be semi-retired (i.e. working part-time to cover your monthly expenses) until you reach your traditional retirement age (between 65 and 68 in most countries), this option might be for you. With this approach, you only have to earn more than you spend and invest the difference until you reach your Coast FI number. This number is pretty low if you are in your 20s and 30s and gets higher the closer you get to your traditional retirement age. The concept of coasting to Financial Independence is possible because of compound interest. Magic!

The advantage of this approach is that it is the quickest way to freedom for most people. The calculator also shows the age at which you will reach Coast FI based on your current income and expected investment returns. If you are new to the Coast FIRE concept you will likely be surprised how soon you could reach this milestone and get some of your valuable time back!

Option 2: Coast FI (Target Retirement Age)

This is exactly the same concept but with a slight variation. Instead of living a semi-retired life until you reach your traditional retirement age, this option shows you your Coast FI number for your target retirement age. This is the age at which you would like to fully retire. This could be any age, but for most people, it is somewhere between 55 and 65. Because there is less time for your nest egg to grow in the background, your Coast FI number will be a bit higher than with option 1. This means you’ll delay semi-retirement a little while and in return, you will reach full retirement a little sooner. It’s a trade-off.

Option 3: Stop saving now

If you have been on the path to FIRE for a while, you could technically stop saving now and still reach FIRE sometime in the (far away) future. The calculator uses a variation of the Coast FI formula to show you at what age you can stop earning an active income if you choose to stop investing right now. If you have not accumulated a lot of wealth yet, this might not be a feasible option, but it is still interesting to see how powerful compound interest really is.

Flamingo FI

Option 3 is our own approach to Financial Independence, Flamingo FI. It is a version of Coast FI. Instead of a target retirement age, Flamingo FI aims at a 10-year semi-retirement. So if you reach Flamingo FI at 40, you should be able to reach FIRE and fully retire at 50 (based on 7% inflation-adjusted returns). We came up with this approach because we felt it combines the best out of both worlds.

Depending on your age, your Flamingo FI number is likely higher than your Coast FI number. With Flamingo FI, you work, save and invest until you have reached half your FIRE number. You can then semi-retire and reach FIRE about 10 years later (thanks to the magic of compound interest).

We reached this milestone just before we had our second child. It is needless to say that we are super happy we are now able to work less, spend more time as a family while our kids are young AND fully retire in 10 or so years if we want to. If this concept interests you, our foundation articles are a great place to learn more: What the Flock is Flamingo FI? – Part 1 and What the Flock is Flamingo FI? – Part 2. You can also read through our full archive of Flamingo FI articles.

Traditional FIRE

Option 4 probably doesn’t need a lot of explanation. It is FIRE (whether that means Fat FIRE, Lean FIRE or stock-standard FIRE to you). We added this option to show how much longer you would have to work, save and invest to get to FIRE without using the benefits of semi-retirement.

With Traditional Financial Independence, you work, save and invest until you reach your FIRE number. This will probably take quite a long time because most of your net worth will come from savings, not from investment returns. As a reward for all of this hard work, you can skip the semi-retirement stage and fully retire.

This certainly is a viable option for many, especially if you are relatively young, love your job and have a high income. To see some real-life examples of the traditional path to FIRE vs a semi-retirement approach, we highly recommend you read through some of our FIRE case studies.