Project 1000: July 2019 – 569 Days to Freedom

Welcome to the latest Project 1000 update! This is where we share the progress of our 1000-day journey to freedom once a month. New readers: If you have not read our plan yet, I recommend you do so now and then come back here. 

Overall Goal

Things have definitely slowed down a little finance-wise since our little Flamingo entered the world, but we are heading in the right direction!

I am still in the process of reviewing our plans and projections and am planning to publish an update on this in the next month or so. It looks like we will definitely be able to hit Flamingo FI within our Project 1000 timeframe, but we might not be able to fill the other buckets as we planned. The loss of income during maternity leave and the increase in costs definitely is a killer combo!

That being said, June was not a bad month for our nest egg. Overall, we got 2.2% closer to our 1000-day goal. 

Now let’s have a look at the individual buckets that make up our total goal:

Our Flamingo FI nest egg grew from 64% to 66.9% of its target size in June. We are 2/3 of the way there!

Flamingo FI

The price of my employer shares on the NASDAQ went up a bit in June and Mr. Flamingo received some new ones as well. We are thinking about offloading some of his employer shares soon as the P/E ratio is really high and the price just seems way too high. Our Super balances went up along with the broader market and the equity in our IP increased a little as well. We did not add any cash to our savings in the offset account as we had to put money aside for the tax we need to pay on the shares Mr. Flamingo received (we have to pay normal income tax on these).

This is what our current asset allocation looks like:


Thanks for reading! See you back here for next month’s update!


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4 thoughts on “Project 1000: July 2019 – 569 Days to Freedom”

  1. Morning

    Can I ask why you include your super in the asset allocation (assuming you cant acess it it till 60’s).

    I love your concept but wondering what role your super balance plays in retiring early.



    • Hi Nathan, Once we decide to step from semi-retirement into full retirement / FIRE, we’ll simply use up the funds outside of Super first (in case we have to touch the principal, which we are not planning to do anyway). The earliest we’ll fully retire and start using it for income is when Mr. F is 50, so our investments outside of Super will easily cover our expenses until we reach the preservation age. As long as you follow the 4% rule or a dividend strategy, it really doesn’t matter all that much if part of your nest egg is in Super (as long as there is a decent chunk outside of Super of course). Mr Money Mustache has written a great article on this: I hope this helps!


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