Project 1000: April 2019 – 653 Days to Freedom

Welcome to the latest Project 1000 update! This is where we share the progress of our 1000-day journey to freedom once a month. New readers: If you have not read our plan yet, I recommend you do so now and then come back here. 

Overall Goal

I am sure you can imagine that we have been pretty busy since the birth of Flamingo Jr. and I have spent little time thinking about our finances. One thing has become very clear to me in the past few weeks though: It is fantastic that we have a solid financial plan in place, plenty of cash in the bank and very little to worry about as far as money is concerned. We are able to fully focus on our little family while our nest egg is slowly and quietly growing in the background. While we are not FI yet we are certainly already enjoying some of the perks of not having to worry too much about money already!

Now, let’s have a quick look at how things went investment-wise last month.

Investment property: Nothing to report! 🙂
Employer shares: Some decent gains, so our balances went up a fair bit. As I mentioned in our March update, I sold some employer shares that I received in February. Now the share price is a lot higher than a month ago (when I thought it was too high). Maybe I should have held on to the shares, but at the same time, I don’t want to be too heavily invested in my employer in case things go pear-shaped. If the company was in trouble I might lose my job and the share price would likely plummet, not a nice scenario to think about.
Super: Our balances went up a little along with the broader market and Mr. Flamingo received his monthly employer contribution.
Cash: Our monthly savings amount ended up being a little less than usual as I am now officially on maternity leave (unpaid – one downside of working for a US company).

In March, we got 1.4% closer to our 1000-day goal:

Now let’s have a look at the individual buckets that make up our total goal:

Our Flamingo FI nest egg grew from 58.7% to 60.6% of its target size in March. 

Flamingo FI

Apart from our regular savings and Mr. Flamingo’s Super contribution, nothing was added to our Flamingo FI nest egg last month. As I mentioned in the last update, we are currently just accumulating our cash savings in our IP offset account and will make a decision of where to invest this money over the next few months.

This is what our current asset allocation looks like:


Thanks for reading! See you back here for next month’s update!


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    • Thanks Frankie! 🙂 Sorry for the late response – I have not even logged into the blog since last month’s update – the baby definitely keeps us busy. Glad to hear you like the Flamingo FI concept!


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