Why the Semi-Retired Life Is the Ultimate FIRE Sweet Spot

Why the Semi-Retired Life is the Ultimate FIRE Sweet Spot. An article about balance and a slower FI journey.

In today’s article, I’m going to share a simple realisation I recently had about one of the main topics we discuss on the blog: Early Semi-Retirement. Mr. Flamingo and I have been semi-retired for 12 months at the time of writing and I can honestly say that this lifestyle is amazing. Choosing a slower FIRE … Read more

From Hardship to Financial Independence: Elena’s Story (FIRE Interview)

How Elena went from poverty and hardship to pursuing Financial Independence. Elena uses a Coast FIRE strategy to focus on her health and work part-time on the journey to FIRE.

Elena grew up poor and experienced a lot of hardship in her younger years. In this interview, she shares how discovering FIRE changed her life for the better and ended a long journey marked by struggle and the stresses bad investment decisions can cause. Not all financial success stories are short or simple. Elena’s story … Read more

Reader Case Study: Semi-Retirement vs. FIRE

Semi-Retirement vs FIRE

Cliff and Elaine moved to Australia nine years ago. In the process, they gave up Cliff’s UK police pension that would have allowed them to retire early at age 52. Now they want to explore their retirement options in Australia. Should they go for FIRE and retire early or could (Early) Semi-Retirement using a Coast … Read more

The Life-Changing Magic of Semi-Retirement

Semi-Retirement offers amazing benefits. It is a great alternative to full retirement and allows you to design your ideal lifestyle long before you reach Financial Independence. I often talk about the ins and outs of (Early) Semi-Retirement and the alternative FI strategies (like Coast FI, Barista FI and Flamingo FI) that allow us to semi-retire … Read more

Coasting to FI: Semi-Retirement Interview

Today I haves something special for you: An interview with a reader who was able to semi-retire in his 30s. Like many, he started off with a plan to retire early. But the closer he got to Financial Independence, his desire to stop working altogether disappeared. Instead, he decided to semi-retire and “coasted” his way to FI.

(Early) Semi-Retirement: Everything You Need to Know

Semi-Retirement is a step between full-time work and traditional retirement. While working part-time is widely understood as part of a semi-retired lifestyle, the exact definition depends on who you ask.  Depending on your plans for FI, semi-retirement will likely be part of the mix: I often write about Coast FI, an approach to FI that … Read more