Our Story Part 2 – Mulled Wine and Online Gambling

After only a few months in the rat race, reality hit me. This couldn’t possibly be what adult like is supposed to be like, right? Getting up at the same time every morning. Forcing down breakfast. Putting on…

Picky Flamingo – Weekend Reads (26/05/2018)

Picky Flamingo is a hand-picked collection of the best Australian and international personal finance articles of the past week. If you are on the path to Financial Independence, this is for you!

Our Story Part 1 – The Early Years

Don’t worry, this story is not your everyday FIRE fairy tale. It is a story of lost lifetime savings, a gambling addiction, chronic health challenges and a failed semi-retirement test drive. You will see – if we can get Financial Independence thing done, anyone can! Born Mustachians? I am originally from Europe, where many things … Read more

Project 1000: May 2018 – 1000 days to Freedom

Welcome to the first post in the Project 1000 series! I will share the progress of our 1000 day journey to freedom here once a month. If you have not read our plan yet, I recommend you do so now and then come back here. This month marks the official start of Project 1000. Today, we will establish our … Read more

Case Study: From Corporate Prison to Freedom in 8 Years

Today, we will take a look at a FIRE case study. We will see how important it is to think about one’s ideal retirement lifestyle early on and to answer the question “Am I planning to work during retirement?”. The answer to this question is very helpful when it comes to determining which path to … Read more

What the Flock is Flamingo FI? – Part 2

In part 1 of this post we discussed the four stages of Flamingo FI and how it allows you to quit the 9-5 in record time. By now you know how Flamingo FI works – you work and save hard for a few years and then you semi-retire. While you are busy enjoying the perks … Read more

What the Flock is Flamingo FI? – Part 1

Flamingo FI is a funky remix of the best parts of three different retirement lifestyles – Semi-Retirement, Early Retirement (FIRE) and Traditional Retirement. Soon after we started our journey towards Financial Independence, it became clear to us that we didn’t want to be chained to our desks until we hit our FIRE number. We had … Read more