The Psychology of Money – 16 Lessons for the FIRE Community

Last month we kicked off the brand new Personal Finance and FIRE Book Club with The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. I have to admit that I was disappointed when I was done reading. Really disappointed actually…

Hypocrisy and Manipulation – Is the FIRE Movement Corrupt?

More and more finfluencers are joining the Financial Independence Movement and many are in it to make money and get rich quickly. Is FIRE Community corrupt?

I started this blog just over three years ago to chronicle the last leg of our journey and share our approach to Financial Independence. In 2019 our first child was born and life got busy. When I went back to work in late 2019 I stopped reading other personal finance blogs. We had another baby, … Read more

Quarterly Semi-Retirement Update – Q2/2021

Our current (July 2021) progress on our Coasting FI (similar to Barista FIRE) journey from Flamingo FI to FIRE. We are now semi-retired and have stopped investing.

Where have the last three months gone? How is it July already? I feel like we are stuck in this Covid infinity loop with no end in sight. Anyway, it’s time for another Semi-Retirement update. I’ve broken the update up into three parts – a life update, a financial update and a quick blog update. … Read more

Reader Case Study: Semi-Retirement vs. FIRE

Semi-Retirement vs FIRE

Cliff and Elaine moved to Australia nine years ago. In the process, they gave up Cliff’s UK police pension that would have allowed them to retire early at age 52. Now they want to explore their retirement options in Australia. Should they go for FIRE and retire early or could (Early) Semi-Retirement using a Coast … Read more

The Life-Changing Magic of Semi-Retirement

Semi-Retirement offers amazing benefits. It is a great alternative to full retirement and allows you to design your ideal lifestyle long before you reach Financial Independence. I often talk about the ins and outs of (Early) Semi-Retirement and the alternative FI strategies (like Coast FI, Barista FI and Flamingo FI) that allow us to semi-retire … Read more

Quarterly Semi-Retirement Update – Q1/2021

Welcome to our first quarterly update since we hit Flamingo FI! Going forward, we will post a life and financial update once a quarter instead of the monthly progress updates we published during our accumulation phase . I have recently written an in-depth article about our plan to coast from Flamingo FI to FIRE in … Read more

Exposed – The Money Flamingo Household’s 2020 spending!

We are back! It has been over 3 months since our last post and I can report that we survived our first few months as a family of four. Today’s post is our overdue 2020 spending report (how is it March already??).

What’s next for the Money Flamingo family?

It has been almost two months since we reached Flamingo FI and completed Project 1000. I would like to thank everyone for your messages and support, it really means a lot! As you might have noticed things have gone a bit on the quiet side on the blog. I am aware that some of you … Read more