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We believe that it is simply not necessary to spend 10+ years working and saving like a maniac to get your freedom back. If you want to reach FIRE without sacrificing the next decade of your life, you have come to the right place.

Money Flamingo is all about alternatives to the standard path to FIRE. This is where you can learn how to use smart strategies like Semi-Retirement, Coast FI and Flamingo FI to get your life back sooner.

We can show you how to design a plan that offers the best out of both worlds: more time and freedom now and financial independence and security later on. You really can have it all!

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Money Flamingo has been featured on a variety of blogs, in magazines and on podcasts, including Allstar Money, Money Magazine, the Aussie Firebug Podcast and Women's Health Australia. Money Flamingo is a Plutus Awards Finalist.





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Why We Need Different Types of Financial Independence

There are many FIRE acronyms and “types” of Financial Independence these days. These often get made fun of in the FIRE Community. Sure, some of these have hilarious names. But let me tell you one thing: If you roll your eyes every time someone comes up with a new FIRE term, you are missing the point.



Latest Articles

How Much Does a Baby Cost? – FIRE Edition

Baby Flamingo #2 turned 1 recently. I thought this would be a good moment to share my thoughts on a hotly debated topic in many FIRE Facebook Groups and on podcasts and Financial Independence blogs: the cost of having a baby in Australia!

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